Your Face Needs Help - Move On From Letting The Shampoo Splash About A Bit

Show your face some love!
14:00, 11 Mar 2020

The man-face, long neglected by the world, dismissed as something used for shouting at sports people and looking baffled in adverts for washing machines, is, at last, receiving the attention it deserves.

We are now allowed to care about our skin and take an appropriate interest in not looking horrible. Our fathers had cheeky charm and bad sexual innuendos, but we can use our faces as a means of attracting partners and charming potential employers.

Sales of male skin care products have done nothing but increase as we cottoned on to the idea of improving on our factory settings. Here we outline a solid set of tools that will help you look at least acceptable during these final, largely pointless, winter months.


If you check out the black stuff that gathers on buildings and vans parked on side roads, essentially that’s your face if you don’t cleanse. Meet Kiehl’s facial fuel energising face wash, £19.50.

The product contains caffeine and vitamins and there is a handy application video on their site.

SM Insta Face Protection Kiehlsjpg


Then the responsible face owner needs to look at exfoliation – removing the undesirable old layers of dead skin. This should be done every now and then – not every day. Try Baxter of California exfoliating facial scrub, £17.


SM Insta Face Protection Baxterjpg


Moisturiser is vital in the battle with the elements. These have moved on since we smeared our less male flatmate’s products on particularly dry days, entirely without their permission or knowledge. Clinique For Men Moisturising Lotion, £26, is good value for a well-formulated product. 

SM Insta Face Protection Cliniquejpg
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