How The Captain, Captains And Conor Are Courageously Combatting COVID-19

There's a plethora of feelgood sporting stories out there
14:00, 16 Apr 2020

The world needs to hear a bit about charity right now, arguably more than it has needed to in a long time.

With the need for social distancing, receiving good news comes as the closest many people within society can get to a warm hug at present, the admirable feats of individual and collective endeavour re-affirming belief in humanity.


Conor McGregor

'Mystic Mac' has helped deliver vital resources across Ireland
'Mystic Mac' has helped deliver vital resources across Ireland

The Notorious has fuelled his bad-boy ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ persona for the better part of a decade, but the pandemic has proved once and for all that the Irish mixed martial artist has a heart to match the size of his wallet.

Following his pledge in March, McGregor has now delivered vital resources and equipment to hospitals across Ireland, at a cost of €1million out of his own pocket. This includes important cardiac monitors and oxygen concentrators. Mystic Mac might not be able to end this fight in his usual way like in the Octagon but he’s still intent on producing that knock-out.


Arsenal FC

The Gunners are collaborating with HIS Church Charity and the local council
The Gunners are collaborating with HIS Church Charity and the local council

Arsenal might be without a top-tier title for nigh on over 15 years now, but the Gunners should be celebrated for the help they’re providing for their local community.

The club’s foundation are collaborating with the HIS Church Charity and the local council, resulting in 15 tonnes of emergency supplies being delivered across the London borough of Islington.

The donation will provide more than 30,000 free meals, as well as essential items such as sanitary and personal hygiene products to those residents most vulnerable.

The Arsenal Foundation has also pledged £100k to local organisations and redirected a further £50k of partnership funding with Islington Giving towards their COVID-19 Crisis Fund.


Formula One

Seven UK-based Formula One Teams have been working with 'Project Pitlane'
Seven UK-based Formula One Teams have been working with 'Project Pitlane'

What happens when you put one multi-million dollar engineering giant with precious little to do, to redirect their efforts to assist the fight to curb the pandemic?

Forget one, try seven. The UK-based Formula One teams who have for the foreseeable future have had the brakes put on them are collaborating for ‘Project Pitlane’ to use the wealth of technology and engineering expertise at their disposal to counter coronavirus.

The reigning World Champions Mercedes have also opened the doors to their purpose-built Brixworth factory for the development of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices.

This equipment will provide much needed help to COVID-19 sufferers with either lung infections or previous conditions, in order to allow easier breathing. Mercedes in conjunction with the respectable boffins at the University College London - announced they are now manufacturing 1,000 breathing aids every single day to be made freely available to the NHS.


Premier League Captains

 the captains of all 20 EPL teams have teamed up with NHS Charities Together (NHSCT)
the captains of all 20 EPL teams have teamed up with NHS Charities Together (NHSCT)

With the season frozen, the #PlayersTogether fund has now been established.

Instigated by Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson and administered by himself and the respective skippers of Manchester United (Harry Maguire), Watford (Troy Deeney), and West Ham United (Mark Noble), the captains of all 20 EPL teams will front the charitable incentive to provoke contributions from all players in the English top tier in support of the frontline workers of the NHS. 

The players hope to raise over £4 million, having partnered with NHS Charities Together [NHSCT].

Wolves captain Conor Coady later added of how easy a decision it was to make, “The situation we’re in, we understand as footballers, as human beings, how tragic it is at the minute....everyone wants to be able to go out and be free, so it wasn’t a hard thing at all.”


England’s Women Team

The Lionesses have provided a joint donation to the #PlayersTogether foundation
The Lionesses have provided a joint donation to the #PlayersTogether foundation

Anything men can do, women can usually do better.

England women’s football team players have also provided a joint donation to the #PlayersTogether foundation.

“The squad have recognised the importance of the statement last week from the Premier League players with regards to setting up the #PlayersTogether fund and the potential impact it can make,” the Lionesses stated.

When one takes into account that in the Women’s Super League, the average player is reportedly around £27,000 per year, compared to their male counterparts' £3million, the act speaks volumes.


Captain Tom Moore

The fit, young Premier League skippers may be hoping to raise £4million as a result of their combined efforts and enviable pockets, but for an equal dose of inspiration and humility in reaching that target, they ought to look to one exceptional man almost four times their average age.

99-year-old World War Two veteran Captain Tom Moore initially aimed to raise an admirable £1000 for the National Health Service by completing 100 lengths of his 80ft Bedfordshire garden before his milestone 100th birthday on April 30.

Following an outpouring of global support, Captain Moore has now surpassed the £17,000,000 mark (and still rising!), and won’t be stopping walking anytime soon, despite absolutely nailing his target well ahead of schedule on April 16.

"Every penny that we get, the NHS deserve every one of it," the humble hero declared.

"As long as people are still giving money, I’ll keep walking."

So tonight, give an extra three cheers for that most marvellous centurion centenarian.

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