Vans Take It Back To The Beginning For The Simpsons With Christmas Collection

Three Vans classics get given a festive makeover celebrating Springfield's favourite family
09:00, 05 Nov 2020

With Vans once again teaming up with The Simpsons to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Springfield’s most famous family, it made perfect sense to reunite ahead of the Christmas season. We met The Simpsons for the first time at Christmas, you see. Well, sort of - the first ever episode of The Simpsons was the festive classic ‘Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire.’ 

The Simpsons might not go hand-in-hand with Christmas as well as they do Halloween (Three decades of Treehouse of Horrors have made sure of that) but they have a history nonetheless and the Vans x The Simpsons Christmas capsule channels that perfectly.

SM Insta Vans Simpsons Xmas 03jpg

Featuring in the collection are three classic Vans models - the Slip-On, the Old Skool and the Sk8-H. Each shoe is emblazoned with prints of the many famous faces across Springfield (Christmas-themed, of course). 

On the print, Homer is dressed as Santa Claus, with Marge sitting on his lap, whilst Bart and Lisa are holding presents and Santa’s Little Helper (the family dog rescued on Christmas by Homer and Bart all the way back in that first episode) is eager to retrieve a bone Maggie is holding. The prints are placed over sleek black canvas uppers and all three shoes come with a classic white midsole to round up the design.

SM Insta Vans Simpsons Xmas 02jpg

The Vans x The Simpson‘s Christmas capsule is currently available on Vans’ website, ranging from $95 (£73) – $105 (£81).

If you’re looking to pay tribute to The Simpsons but want something a little less season specific, check out the previous team up between the family and Vans that came out earlier this year here


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