Woman Drives Car Through Plymouth Half Marathon

Woman Drives Car Through Plymouth Half Marathon
14:58, 21 May 2018

The scene was set, a glorious Sunday on the Devon coastline, Plymouth bathed in sunshine as thousands run through the streets of the town's half marathon race.

However, not all is as it seems. A lady gets out of her car and starts removing the cones that have been placed at the end of the road. The lady in question gets back into her car and slowly edges forward into the street where the runners have to swerve to avoid her.

One man, presumably one of the race's stewards or perhaps a worried onlooker does his best to stop the car from entering the road. At one point, he puts a cone in front of the car but she still edges forwards slowly pushing the cone and the desperate efforts of the man who is trying his best to stop her.

The car drives down the course with audible shouts from the dismayed runners and she eventually comes to a halt as a man with a hi-vis jacket and a walkie talkie asks her to stop.

It's all rather comical but not for the runners, one of whom stops at the window and tells the lady that she could kill someone.

The lady, rather irritated by this point argues that she has somewhere to go and that she wasn't informed of the road closures. The lady is heard saying "I'm driving very slowly", but that wasn't cutting it with some angry onlookers. "You're breaking the law" another onlooker told the flustered driver and her argument of that "I've tried to get out every which way" wasn't cutting much mustard.

The police have been informed and are looking into the incident.

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